Auto Electrical


Today’s vehicles are not the purely mechanical contraptions of olden days: they are complex machines driven largely by computers. The newest vehicles can have up to 60 on-board computers constantly communicating with each other to operate the vehicle. This system is highly complex, which calls for the attention of trained technicians and service professionals.

Trust Great Lakes Auto Centre with all of your auto electrical needs. We have one of the most advanced workshops in the industry, complete with the latest diagnostic equipment and specialist tools. We can carry out everything from routine maintenance to complex repairs on vehicles of all types: automotive, caravan, motorhome, marine, heavy vehicle, excavation and mining equipment. Day in and day out, this is what we do.


Our technicians are specially trained on the latest advances in ABS, ESP, SRS and other safety systems. We’re able to provide your vehicle with the attention it needs to operate safely and efficiently. We’ve also partnered with companies like Bosch, Auto Logic, Vetronex Tech 2, Carman Scan and others to provide the latest diagnostic equipment. We have over eight diagnostic scan tools, exhaust gas analysers, petrol injection cleaning equipment and servicing equipment to use on your vehicle, as well as a huge inventory of electrical parts and tools.
At Great Lakes Auto Centre, we put your needs first. If you suspect that your vehicle may be having an electrical problem, don’t wait. Bring it to us for efficient, effective repairs that will have you back on the road in no time.
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